Thousands gather at Allen County Public Library for 20th anniversary of Harry Potter

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Potterfest at Allen County Public library drew thousands as both a celebration and charitable event.

This month marks 20 years since the first book in the Harry Potter series came out, and Allen County Public Library is celebrating all summer. Saturday was Potterfest. It featured wand crafting, butterbeer, potions classes snd quidditch on the plaza. It also gave people a chance to donate while remembering Dobby the Elf.

“We’re collecting socks to give to charity. You can leave them at our shrine to Dobby, of course, the house elf who was freed with a sock,” said main library manager Nate Burnard. “So if you want to bring those down today, we’ll donate them and make sure they go to a good cause.”

Potterfest was funded entirely by the Allen County Public Library Foundation so everyone who came got in free. The scenery left many Harry Potter fans excited.

“It’s really awesome because people are just entering this fantasy world that we just thought of in the books,” said Addison Winebrenner, a Harry Potter fan who went to Potterfest.

The day got people feeling the Harry Potter magic.

“Absolutely fantastic along with the fantastic beasts and where to find them,” said Emily Ramirez, another Potterfest attendee.

Library main manager Naate Burnard estimated that around 3,000 people came to Potterfest. The library does plan to continue the celebration with more events this summer. 

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