FORT WAYNE, Ind (WANE)- Residents of the Concordia Gardens neighborhood deal with flooding often but not to the extent.

The residents on Woodbrook Drive have a creek that runs through their backyard that goes all the way to the park nearby. But the second round of rain they received Tuesday night made damage to their homes more extreme.

“Yesterday the storm hit and we were actually watching it come up and then we lose power and then within about 30 to 45 minutes of it raining we actually had to shut the garage door,” said resident Adam Schafianski. “Before it started to come up into the garage within another half hour to 40 minutes the creek behind you was completely full and the whole creek was pouring into the park and flooding the entire park as well, we ended up with about 10-11 inches of water in our house,” Schafianski explained.

A few doors down, residents’ basements were completely ruined, and they had to start tearing the drywall off and pulling their carpet up because their sub-pump gave out during the second part of rain Tuesday night.

Residents have even given up on any restorations to their homes.

“There are definitely sections in my house where I don’t put drywall up anymore, I don’t bother fixing and I have stopped replacing floors,” said Schafianski. “I just have sections of my house that are unusable or easily or quickly dismantled so that I can deal with floods again,” Schafianski said.

Residents of Concordia Gardens hope that some of the houses in the area can turn into green spaces.

Wane 15 contacted the city and asked what was being done with this area to help relieve some of the stresses living in this area, the city of Fort Wayne said they have done a total of 6 projects in the area since 1986. The last one was completed in 2017, including adding more storm drains.

But with the amount of rain, this side of the city received Tuesday, in the short amount of time it is hard to get that under control.

Some areas of northeast Fort Wayne recorded nearly 8 inches of rainfall during Tuesday’s rounds of rain.