Remember the old houseboat you saw sitting in front of the Ramada Inn on Coldwater Road?

It set sail this week and landed at the end of Parent Road, after owner Gary Dodane had it towed there. A friend who lives on the road that ends in a cul-de-sac off I-469 will watch over it as Dodane, owner of Karl’s Barbershop at Maplewood Plaza, continues his efforts to sell it.

How did it end up there? Dodane believes he had it towed to the Ramada in January. At least he recalls there was snow on the ground. Bean, a friend through Toys 4 Tots, allowed him to leave it there.

Bean told WANE 15 he let his friend park it there because he’s a nice guy.

But people wondered why there was a boat like that with nowhere to launch it. For thousands of people, the boat was part of the scenery as they headed into town.

Dodane says he bought it as an investment and is hoping to catch $20,000 for it. The boat really belongs up on the Great Lakes or the ocean, he says. To get it into the water, you need a crane.

The 45-foot houseboat serves a dual purpose. It’s also a sail boat, says Dodane.

“The mast is on the inside,” he explained. The boat has a bridge and you can steer from up above or below. There’s a lot of deck up above. “It can sleep six people easily on the inside.”

After the publicity, Dodane said Bean “adamantly” asked him to move it.

It’s time to say ‘so long’ to the houseboat anchored at the Ramada Inn, but it’s still for sale.

“If I wouldn’t have moved it that night, he would have moved it for me,” Dodane said, very cheerfully. He’s gotten a lot of calls on the boat that he has neither the time nor the money to take to the Great Lakes.

He admits there’s a little warpage on the boat and the old wooden door has swelled and sometimes doesn’t shut right.

The homemade cardboard price sticker says it’s a 2003 model. Dodane says the man who owned it lived on it in Lake Erie and Lake Michigan and it’s stood the test of time.