**WARNING**: This story contains graphic details not suitable for all readers.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Police have charged a 16-year-old boy as an adult with murder in the stabbing death of his father at a southeast Fort Wayne convenience store last week.

According to court documents, Ahmed Al-Malahi was taken to Allen County Juvenile Center after confessing to detectives what happened the morning of Feb. 7.

Fort Wayne Police found a man dead at the One Stop Store on Creighton Avenue just before 5 p.m. on Feb. 7. That man was later identified as 52-year-old Tawfika Al-Malahi.

When police initially spoke to Ahmed Al-Malahi the night of his father’s death, he said he went to school at 8 a.m. that morning and was not at the store. According to court documents, police believe he was “openly deceitful” about where he was at the time of the murder.

Ahmed Al-Malahi

But on Feb. 8, detectives brought him in for an interview and his story changed.

Ahmed Al-Malahi eventually told detectives he had closed his father’s store the night of Feb. 6 and left the door unlocked “so that he could get inside to do this to his father the next day,” according to court documents.

Ahmed Al-Malahi said he walked back to the store Feb. 7 and hid behind a small table to wait for his father. Ahmed Al-Malahi said when his father came in around 9 a.m., he stood up and grabbed him, stabbing him in the back with a knife multiple times. He said he got the knife at home and it belonged to his mother.

Ahmed Al-Malahi went on to say he used a piece of metal to hit his father in the back of the head. When his father fell to the ground, Ahmed Al-Malahi stabbed him again multiple times before cutting his throat with the knife.

The coroner reported Tawfika Al-Malahi had about 45 stab wounds, as well as a deep laceration on his neck and a large skull fracture that both appeared to be inflicted after he was already dead.

If Ahmed Al-Malahi offered a motive for the killing, detectives did not record it in court documents.

Detectives noted the only item stolen from the store was the DVR that controls the camera system. Ahmed Al-Malahi told police in his interview that, after stabbing his father, he took the DVR, changed his clothes and threw the evidence in a trash bag after cleaning up the scene with bleach.

Ahmed Al-Malahi also said he took the cash from the register because he wanted to make it look like a robbery.

Ahmed Al-Malahi, a student at Northrop High School, told investigators he then rode his bike to the bus stop and went to school that day. Police checked the attendance records and noted he got to school around 11:40 a.m.

In a dumpster at an elementary school, investigators found a trash bag with the DVR, two reds-stained knives, used plastic gloves, an empty bleach bottle, a metal device with protruding metal teeth and other items police believe are related to the homicide, according to court documents.

Ahmed Al-Malahi is set to be transferred to the Allen County Jail.