FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Despite nationwide strikes, the Fort Wayne assembly GM plant is continuing to produce.

“I can tell you we keep producing the way that we always did, people are very very focused that the quality of the product keeps at the same level,” said Dennys Pimenta, the executive director at the Fort Wayne GM assembly plant.

In addition, other plants have faced layoffs, while Fort Wayne continues to operate at full staff.

However, management did tell WANE 15 that striking is a constant topic of discussion on the assembly line.

Managers are hopeful that the current deal GM has on the table will be enough for the United Auto Workers to accept it ending negotiations.

The current deal can be seen on GM’s website, it includes several benefits.

One is pay where GM says that many employees could see up to a 20% wage increase, in addition to a faster path to maximum wager for some.

An increase in vacation time that could see employees have up to five weeks off is also on the table, with no change to healthcare premiums.

“We’re very pleased to be able to offer it to our employees, it’s a historical offer,” Pimenta said.

Ultimately GM wants the strike to end, but understands it can’t continue without the workers.

“We’re a symbiotic relationship, we don’t exist without each other,” Pimenta said. “We’re looking forward to making sure that continues in the future and we make the best, which for our customer is those trucks”