FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – With foot traffic increasing over the years, Sweetwater decided it was time to expand and create a better customer experience.

Sweetwater recently completed renovations on a new 44,000-square foot music store, which is more than three times the size of their previous venue. Categories of instruments like guitars, drums and production all have their own section. The store is also home to the world’s largest pedal display.

If guests want to try out new instruments and equipment, they can do so in one of a handful of new demo rooms.

Sweetwater’s new space is also the home to Mynett Music, which was previously located off Hobson Road, and offers band and orchestra instruments.

Coincidentally, Sweetwater’s new store comes at a time when there are more people who are picking up an instrument for the first time. With this growing interest in the music industry, VP of Campus Sales Operations and Artist Relations Thad Tegtmeyer hopes to be more accommodating for guests from Fort Wayne and around the country.

“Our industry is rather tactile,” Tegtmeyer said. “You do have customers that want to actually come here, get their hands on instruments, and we have a lot of high-end instruments here too.”

Scroll through the gallery below to get a look at Sweetwater’s new music store.