FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Study elementary students and art teacher Camela Johnson gathered Monday night to put the final touches on the neighborhood food pantry.

Greg Bosk brought the idea of Superior Essex`s “good neighbor” engagement to management and the idea of the food pantry near Study Elementary was brought to life. While the pantry is being renewed by the students, the pantry has grown and provided canned and fresh foods for 61 individuals each week. The pantry has also expanded to include clothes, sanitary and dental products with a free library providing a variety of books.

Study Elementary students put final touches on food pantry painting.

Camela Johnson, the Study Elementary art teacher said that involving students has allowed them to share their talents and give back to the community and neighborhood so many of them are a part of.

“It turned out so beautiful, I am really happy with it,” said Johnson.

In order for the kids, specifically the 4 and 5 grade students, to participate they submitted pieces to Johnson who took them to staff members to vote on. 7 kids applied in total, with the final pantry being a combination of the artworks they submitted.

This food pantry acts as a replacement for the one that currently sits in the Superior Essex parking lot at 1700 Swinney Avenue. The pantry is open to anyone in the community in need.