FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The Saint Francis Jesters is a performing arts program for people with mild to severe intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD).

“I’m so proud of them and in awe,” said Gloria Minnich, an improv teacher with the Jesters. “They are just incredible performers.”

They meet on the third Thursday of every month, but they were met with an extra helping hand on Thursday.

“We have been working with Second City from Chicago for a number of years now,” Minnich said. “When they come, we learn new games, have fun and develop our improv skills.”

Members of The Second City theater group from Chicago led a workshop with the Jesters, giving the Jesters world-class comedy with the organization that started in the 1950s.

Second City has boasted world-class talents like Joan Rivers, Steve Carell and Chris Farley.

The event lets those with I/DD express themselves and embrace spontaneity on the stage with talented improvers.

“We’re all a little starstruck,” Minnich said.