AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) — With plans for 8 baseball fields, an indoor soccer field, 4 outdoor soccer fields, and 16 basketball courts, the Auburn Sports Group youth sports complex will be smaller than Westfield’s Grand Park, but could still bring big benefits to Auburn.

The hope is that the park will host regional and national tournaments throughout the year. When Grand Park opened, the Indy Star reports that Westfield was home to just one hotel and the only close businesses to the park was an assisted living center and a Taco Bell. However, a study by Applied Economics found that in 2017, just three years after the opening of the $45 million dollar investment, the park brought in just under 2-million people to Westfield and was the driving force behind $92 million dollars in new development to the area.

Auburn developers are hoping to see something similar happen for their planned sports complex. With four hotels, food and commercial businesses expected to follow in the area, Auburn Sports Group president of operations Rod Sinn tells WANE 15 that a study found this project could bring an extra $135-million dollars into Auburn once it opens.

The project will be considered by the Auburn Plan Commission in March. If the project stays on schedule, play could begin at the complex this summer.