FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A two-vehicle crash ended with a vehicle upside down in a reservoir Wednesday evening. Several bystanders jumped into the water to rescue the trapped driver.

“When I hit the water, seeing all the water, I was feeling around, I thought it was over with,” said trapped driver Brayshon Robinson. “They didn’t have to. You feel me? They jumped in. No hesitation. They lifted me out of there. If it wasn’t for them it would of been over with.”

At approximately 5:37 p.m., crews were dispatched to Ivan Lebamoff Reservoir Park at the intersection of Creighton Avenue and South Clinton Street on reports of a water rescue. The park is just south of downtown Fort Wayne.

In an interview with WANE 15, Brayshon Robinson claims he was headed southbound on Clinton Street when his “breaks went out as the light was turning red.” The other driver involved in the crash, Amber Yarian claims she had the green light when Robinson ran the red light causing her to t-bone him in the intersection.

Robinson then said he lost control and ended up in the reservoir upside down.

Several bystanders jumped in the water to get Robinson out of the vehicle, officers report.

The samaritans that helped the driver and the person that filmed the aftermath did not want to be recognized. However, they say they were grateful for the miracle and that everyone came together to help.

No injuries were reported from either vehicle.

Southbound Clinton Street was closed for more than an hour while police investigated the scene and the car was removed from the water. The street has since reopened.