FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The pancreatic cancer afflicting former Indiana Congressman Mark Souder cannot be treated with either surgery or chemotherapy.

Souder made the announcement on his Facebook page Friday, writing he was not “mentally prepared to hear” the news.

“When I began this process, it was a longshot because my life expectancy initially was looked at as potentially three months,” he posted. “I prayed for more time. I’ve already had four months, for which I’m thankful and was a gift from God.”

Often times people pray for a miracle of total healing, wrote Souder, but “life is a series of [miracles] if you believe.”

Souder pointed to two specific miracles: his unexpected victory over incumbent Jill Long Thompson at the start of his Congressional career and the forgiveness from his wife after his affair with a staff person ended his career.

“One key thing to contentment in Christ is not to expect these sweeping miracles.”

Souder’s update also included news of a possible treatment option that would not cure him but could lengthen his life with less pain.

“My amazing doctors work at the cutting edge of pancreatic research.”

The Grabill native represented northeast Indiana in Congress from 1995 to 2010 and will turn 72 in July.