FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — This weekend is the unofficial kick-off to summer.

For many, that means road trips. However, some people are choosing to stay home because of high gas prices.

Sticker shock at the pump has people like Phillip Ours making the decision to stay in town this Memorial Day weekend instead of making a road trip to Pittsburgh to see family.

“We just factored in what it’s going to take to drive back to Pittsburgh. Probably a good $200 easy in our SUVs and that’s on the low side,” Ours said.

Ours doesn’t see any relief in sight.

“It just keeps going up and up,” Ours said.

Isidro Quintana agrees and he plans to stay home this holiday weekend as well.

“Maybe a cookout, a little cookout or just stay inside and you know just play some fun games with the family, with the kids,” Quintana said.

Quintana says he used to travel a lot, but with the average gas price in Fort Wayne hovering around $4.50 according to, people are trying to tighten their budgets.

“Everything adds up and you got to find ways to make a little extra money. I don’t know like cutting yards or something. You know just working the primary job you’re not going to make it,” Quintana said. ‘

Ours says, at least his Memorial Day weekend, it is the best financial decision to celebrate at home with loved ones than to fill up and head out of town.

“I could buy everything for the whole party and it would still be cheaper than spending the gas money,” Ours said.

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