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Sewage and flies cover Astoria apartments where families live

Fort Wayne, Ind. (WANE) - The Astoria apartment complex located between on Paulding Road west of Hessen Cassel Road has been home to many residents for a long time and now they're speaking up for better living conditions.

Evelyn Brown is one of those residents and her son Ennis decided to finally step in and take to social media, to do what he can to help his mother and her neighbors

"At one point it seemed like the office staff, management, whoever...They cared about their tenants however the past two years Ive seen things spiral," said Ennis Brown.
Filthy and potentially unhealthy living conditions are what prompted Brown to document the problems using Facebook.

Multiple apartments are already condemned, but one family is still living in this sewage and mess.

Evelyn Brown has lived at Astoria Apartments for 24 years now.

She used to be proud to call it home, now she is embarrassed. 

"It's bad that I've got to live in mine, but to live the way them people living over there in that building...abd then I'm sitting over here smelling that. They're human beings, they're people and they do not need to be living in that building." Brown said.

Some residents blame the owner for not taking action.

"I come to the fact that they just don't care because when you have your tenants pleading with you and then you have no action..that's just telling me you don't care," said Brown.

She believes a lot of the tenants feel if they speak up, they'll get harassed or evicted.

"They've evicted several people for complaining about the conditions of their apartments."

Now neighborhood code has stepped in and issued three separate 10 day health and safety notices to the owner. Two were for the public hallways and one for the apartment. The notices indicate the apartment had various issues including pests and unclean carpeting on top of the sewage overflow in the hallway. The owner has 10 days to clean the hallways and apartment.

NewsChannel 15 left messages for the owners, who did not respond.

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