Senior pilot takes to the skies again

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Sweet Aviation and Coventry Meadows Assisted Living partnered to grant the wish of an assisted living resident and former pilot, to fly once again.

Linda Honegger, 74, became a pilot at age 40 and eventually became a flight instructor, teaching others to fly. She then operated a charter flight company, flying clients across the country. Currently Linda is a resident of Coventry Meadows Assisted Living and she talks of flying every day.

In recognition of National Assisted Living Week, Sweet Aviation of Fort Wayne partnered with Coventry Meadows Assisted Living to surprise Linda with a 30 minutes flight.

“Well, this was a shock. Got up and you know, you’re going to get to go flying. I said, “Really?! Oh my gosh! Well, don’t have a plane,” says Linda.

Sweet Aviation donated the plane, and a 30-minute flight on Friday at Smith Field where Linda sat in the cockpit with an instructor and flew once again.

The folks at Sweet Aviation says they were happy to accommodate the request, because they look at Linda as a legend in the local aviation community.

“She’s been involved in local aviation for a long time, and so we were really excited that we got to give her flight and hang out with her for a little bit,” says Jake Pickett, marketing manager for Sweetwater, which owns Sweet Aviation.

Linda’s friends and family were on hand for the occasion.

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