Sen. Joe Donnelly will attend inauguration unlike some Democrats

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Both of Indiana’s senators will be at the Presidential Inauguration. Senator Joe Donnelly will be attending, as several of his fellow Democrats in Congress chose not to attend. That never crossed Donnelly’s mind.

A busy week on Capitol Hill ends with what a lot of people have been waiting for– the President’s Inauguration. Senator Joe Donnelly gave away 300 tickets to Hoosiers, and will be there as well.

“I think it’s important,” Donnelly said. “I represent Hoosiers all the way from the Michigan line to the Ohio River, from Illinois to Ohio. I want to respect our people and I want to respect the peaceful transition of power.”

He’s hoping Donald Trump talks about things like job creation, trade policy, infrastructure improvements and ways to fight the opioid epidemic during his first speech as President of the United States.

“He can count me all in on those things,” Donnelly said.

Something Donnelly is not all in on is one of Trump’s cabinet nominees– Senator Tom Price for Health and Human Services Secretary. He said he will vote against Price because of his desire to privatize Medicare, essentially turning it into a voucher program.

“Our seniors, every time they’ve gotten a paycheck they’ve donated to this program,” Donnelly said. “They’ve donated into making sure they’re covered during their senior years. I’m going to ensure that promise is kept.”

Republican Senator Todd Young was able to ask Price questions during his confirmation hearing.

“He has a depth of knowledge he’s demonstrated over the course of the hearing that I think is necessary for someone who wants to be the head of health and human services,” Young said.

Young said he has faith is Trump’s cabinet picks, but was happy with the probing questions the committees asked the nominees.

As for Donnelly, he said he supports most of the nominees, including James Mattis for Defense Secretary and Ben Carson for HUD Secretary.

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