FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A second suspect connected to the killing of a 63-year-old South Whitley man found dead in Fort Wayne earlier this month is now facing charges.

Allen County Prosecutors formally charged 41-year-old Michael A. Barker with felony murder and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury Wednesday.

Barker is accused of playing a role in the killing of William J. Kintzel, who had been battered with a gun before being shot several times in the chest on April 10, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

Purportedly Michael A. Barker, accused of taking part in a homicide earlier this month

Four days later, two kids found Kintzel’s body laying in a wooded area 20 feet off the sidewalk at McCormick and Birchwood avenues.

In the aftermath, Fort Wayne police circulated photos taken from area surveillance cameras of two men they believed were involved in the killing – one of them being Barker. They arrested 41-year-old Anthony J. Lopez shortly thereafter.

Lopez is accused of shooting Kintzel and faces counts of murder, carrying a handgun as a felon and using a firearm in the commission of an offense.

Anthony J. Lopez

Detectives tracked Lopez and Barker with surveillance video obtained from a neighbor who lives south of the woods on McCormick that intersect with Birchwood Drive. Other video was obtained from a Dollar General store in the 6400 block of East State Boulevard where the two drove Kintzel’s SUV after he was killed.

The two bought bleach and Clorox wipes to clean Kintzel’s SUV. Once they finished, though, they found they could not get the SUV to start up again – they had left the key fob with Kintzel’s body, according to court documents.

So the two walked away from the vehicle, with Lopez ditching his jacket in a dumpster.

It’s not clear whether Barker has been arrested as of yet.