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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Joe conducted an experiment to show the fundamentals of static electricity that you can do at home.

You’ll need a balloon, an empty soda can, and socks or other clothing made out of wool.

The way that this experiment works is relatively simple, however it may require some extra attempts/a little more effort to make it work.

Start by inflating the balloon. Then, for about 30 to 40 seconds, rub the balloon against the wool clothing.

During this time, make sure that you do not touch anything else, as you may end up losing the electrical charge within the balloon.

Once the static electricity is charged up, hold the balloon next to the soda can.

Make sure the soda can is on its side and on a flat surface.

Try to see if you can get the soda can to roll along the flat surface.

If it does not work, try to recharge the balloon by using the wool clothing once more.

The science behind this experiment features the electrical charges on both the can and the balloon.

When charging the balloon, electrons, which have a negative charge form on the surface of the balloon.

They attract the protons, which a positive charge on the soda can. That causes the can to be pulled across a distance.

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