Science with Strus: Magic milk fireworks

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – This week Joe has a fun experiment that will allow the young ones to get in on the fourth of July fireworks celebration in a fun, super safe way!

For this experiment you’ll need milk, food coloring, dish soap, and cotton swabs.

Pour some milk onto a plate or a dish, just make sure it has sides so that the milk does not spill. You don’t need a lot for this experiment.

Add some drops of both blue and red food coloring into the milk. Make sure they are spaced a part and isolated from the other drops.

Now, place some dish soap on the tip of a cotton swab. Touch the swab to the middle of the milk surface and watch what happens. It will be like fireworks on the plate!

The science behind this experiment is all in the chemical reaction between the dish soap and the milk. Dish soap quickly moves to the fat molecules in milk. When placing the cotton swab onto the plate, the quick movement of the dish soap to the milk results in a rapid stretching of the food coloring. This creates a “firework” in the bowl!

A variation to this experiment includes adding cookie cutters onto the plate so that you can see different shapes of the “fireworks.”

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