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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – This week we are combining weather with a craft that you can do at home to make a weather instrument.

In meteorology we have all sorts of weather instruments. Joe is making an anemometer.

For this experiment you’ll need five Dixie type cups, 2 straws, a single hole punch, a thumb tack, a pencil, and some tape. It’s optional to have a plastic bottle.

First, punch 4 holes in one of the cups. Push the straws through and thumb tack them together. Push the pencil through the bottom of the cup and attache the thumb tack into the eraser of the pencil.

Now, put two small holes in each cup, around a quarter inch from the top and a bout a quarter inch apart. Slide the straws through each cup, so that all cups face the same direction.

Make sure your thumb tack isn’t too tight, and then you can test your anemometer!

It’s optional to attach tape to the straws to hold them into place. You may want to do this if you are using this outside where the winds may be stronger!

It’s also optional to attach the bottom of the pencil to a supportive base, such as a water bottle. You’ll be able to place the bottle outside and it will be better supported if you do this!

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