Science Central’s summer exhibit is ‘Going Viral!’

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Science Central’s summer exhibit is now open to visitors and members, offering a deeper look at viruses and pandemics.

Through a gallery of banners, visitors can learn how viruses spread and why it’s important for scientists from different countries to share information with one another. Vaccine development and how they work are also included as part of the exhibit. Bringing this exhibit to Science Central did require some thought into if visitors may be over pandemic topics but in the end, science education won out.

“As a science center, science education of the general public is paramount to what we do, that’s our reason for existence. We weren’t sure if visitors and the Northeast Indiana region would be tired of the coronavirus and not be interested in the exhibition,” said Martin Fisher, Executive Director at Science Central, “But we decided that the education piece is very important. Hopefully, visitors won’t have coronavirus fatigue and they will be able to come in and enjoy it and learn a lot about it.”

Fisher added that the feedback has been positive from visitors who said it helps to fill in some of the blanks they may have when it comes to knowledge of viruses.

The involvement of NASA is a different aspect that you may not have heard about over the last year. The banners illustrate how they use supercomputers to study the virus and how their research not only helps space missions but also benefits the general public with their discoveries.

“When you think about it, it makes sense you don’t want germs to get sent up on a ship and go into the international space station where everybody gets sick,” added Fisher, “But it also talks about how you contain the germs before you get on a mission and space spinoffs. After NASA or NASA Industries develops something how does it end up in our lives.”

The ‘Going Viral!’ exhibition is expected to run through mid-September and is included with admission.

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