Saying goodbye to fallen Fort Wayne officer

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It’s a moment many will never forget. A traditional flag presentation no one at Emmanuel Lutheran Church thought they’d ever witness, but are glad it honors a man like officer David Tinsley. 

“We present David’s flag of the United States of America, a symbol of hope, with a prayer that ought to offer him the comfort of a grateful nation,” said the officer presenting the flag. 

Officer David Tinsley died of a heart attack after chasing down a suspect Monday night. On Sunday, loved ones gathered for visitation at Emmanuel Lutheran Church. 

Officer Tinsley served for 16 years at the Fort Wayne Police Department. He was a father of three children, a husband and a kind man to everyone who knew him. 

“Very quiet, soft spoken guy, very sincere and humble and certainly a man of God and I really respect him for all of his service,” said retired pastor Tom Eggold.

“When you think about the 16 years that he was a police officer and looking at the impact he had on the community, it just goes to show that the way we knew him and the way we felt about him was the way everybody knew him and everybody felt about him,” said Rebecca Goeglein who babysat for the Tinsley family. 

Dozens lined up to pay respects to Tinsley. Among them many of his brothers in blue and leaders who know the hole he leaves in the community and his family. 

“I just wanted to show how much everybody in our state and everybody in our country, how deeply appreciative we are of officer Tinsley, of his family who gave us their dad, who gave us their husband, so that we could all be safe,” said U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly. 

Flags at half staff – a growing memorial – and a community thankful for the sacrifice he made. 
Officer Tinsley may be gone from people’s sight, but never from their heart. 

“He was one of those officers that we frequently prayed for in our congregation, we thank God for his service, but we know where he is – he is with the lord,” said Eggold. 

Officer Tinsley’s funeral will be held at Emmanuel Lutheran Church Monday morning at 11. A procession will follow. Tinsley will then be buried at Lindenwood Cemetery. 

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