FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The Salvation Army is in urgent need of bell ringers for this holiday season. The money put in the Red Kettles over the Christmas season is used to assist people in need all year long.

Volunteer bell ringers help give to those in need by donating their time as ringers. Teams, clubs, groups, co-workers, and families can easily sign up to ring at or by calling (260) 744-2311.

“As of today, we have many locations to ring bells at, but no ringers.”, said Captain Kenyon Sivels, Corps Officer. “If there is no ringer, there is no kettle to donate. These missed funds are used throughout the entire year to serve those less fortunate in our community.”

According to the Salvation Army, ringing for just two hours can feed a family for a week. There are many locations, dates and times available. Volunteers can ring as long as they want, where they want, and when when they want.

The Salvation Army needs to raise $237,000 by December 24 in order to continue offering assistance programs to those in need throughout 2022.