Roundabout Revolt: Cars dodge barricades while work continues

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Growing impatient with the closed intersection of Bass Road and Hadley Road on Fort Wayne’s west side, drivers have been dodging ‘road closed’ signs.

“They’ve put the barricades up,” neighbor Joyce Foster explained. “They would be gone five minutes and someone would come through and take them right back down again.”

While many signs still block the railroad crossings and roads that lead to a newly constructed roundabout, WANE 15 News found Friday a few that were moved, clearing spaces just wide enough for cars to squeeze through. 

“We have a lot of people crossing over that shouldn’t be, but it is what it is.” Foster added.

The ‘it’ is frustration. Esepecially from the people who live near the roundabout. 
“I think the end result will be very good,” Karen Thompson said. “But, it’s frustrating to have it delayed over and over again. It’s just frustrating.”

Work on the railroad crossings has been getting the blame for the delay. WANE 15 News checked in with Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad, the company that operates trains on the line that goes through the roundabout. A representative for the company said the delays were the result of a contractor who struck a signal line. The company hoped to have the fix done by March 15.

The roads around the rounabout appear to be driveable.

“Put somebody out here with a search light and we’ll be fine,” Thompson said while laughing. 

An officer with the  Allen County Sheriff’s Department told WANE 15 News the department will continue to have deputies keep an eye on the roundabout when staffing allows for it. They didn’t have an answer for what a citation costs for crusing in a closed construction zone, but did stress it can be costly.

“I go down Thomas Road and go around that way,” Foster added. “I’d be the one to get the ticket. And I’m not paying for a ticket.”

WANE 15 News also discoverd that people going to businesses along Hadley Road, south of the roundabout, have been getting stuck by trains stopping on a seperate set of tracks. To see that story, click here:

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