FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The storms created havoc for a lot in the area. Many people are dealing with flooded basements and downed trees.

Amanda Reynolds and her family are stuck dealing with flooding in their basement for the second time in months.

“There’s the water line right here. That’s how deep it was over here and we already had to tear up our flooring when it flooded in May,” Reynolds said as she described the flood damage in her basement.

The sopping wet carpet in their basement was the result of the heavy rains, storms and failed sump pumps.

“Our secondary pump was starting to overflow so we were scooping water out and using our Shop-Vac to scoop water out of our of secondary pump,” Reynolds said.

Adam Myers of the restoration company Paul Davis says they have been flooded with calls.
“In the last 24 hours, I think we are over 200 at least,” Myers said.

Myers says many people are dealing with the same issues Reynolds is going through.

“A lot of sump pump failures or broken glass where you might get water coming in through a window in a basement, but a lot of what we are seeing with the floods and the water that we’ve had is water in basements,” Myers said.

A tree knocked over in Amanda Reynolds’ yard.

To add insult to injury, a tree in Reynolds’ backyard fell on her home.

“I heard a snap and I saw a branch hit the window, the window that was right in front of me,” Reynolds said.

Irl Haswell lives next door to Reynolds and has for 30 years and says drainage issues in the area have caused him problems for years in his backyard.

“This particular part of the subdivision has a high concentration of clay in the soil, so the water doesn’t sink into the soil. It just runs off the top and the way my house is situated my water has ran into the basements of adjoining houses,” Haswell said.

Myers says because of the influx of calls it may take some time to help everyone, but they will get to you. In the meantime, he recommends trying to safely mitigate the situation on your own first.

“If you can do anything to help to prevent that timeframe so you wany to try and add airflow so little fans, dehumidifiers,” Myers said.