FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — “I have a good feeling that Republicans are gonna win back the House majority in the midterm election.”

That’s the view from third district Congressman Jim Banks, R-Indiana. Friday, he sat down with WANE 15 to preview 2022 and review 2021.

“This year, I’ll be focused on helping Republicans around the country win their races and do everything that we can to win back the majority so we can save the country from the agenda of the left.”

Banks is now halfway through his chairmanship of the Republican Study Committee, the conservative caucus in the House. He encouraged members to “lean into” the culture war. “It’s the pro-family and pro-life issues that I ran on six years ago when I was elected to this job.”

Banks says part of winning the culture war is ending critical race theory education in public schools, although PBS reports real-world examples of students being indoctrinated are difficult to find. Banks wants to keep them hard to find. “I think we’ve got to stop critical race theory which teaches our kids that America is inherently racist or evil. It doesn’t belong in our schools. I hope we pass a bill when we get the majority back that would block any federal taxpayer dollars from going to any school in America that teaches our kids to hate America.”

Banks also wants to return the Hyde Amendment to bills in the House. It blocks federal taxpayer dollars from funding abortions. “I’m leading the fight to keep those protections in place and we’ll continue to do so when we get the majority back.”

In October, Banks’ official Twitter account was suspended after he intentionally misgendered a high-ranking trans official. Banks deleted the tweet but made no apologies for its content.

“I learned fundamentally that these big tech companies have too much control. What I tweeted was an absolute 100% fact.”

Banks discussed the current controversy at the University of Pennsylvania, where some parents are upset because a trans swimmer is dominating women’s swimming events.

“This is a debate that’s occurring in America. And if we can’t have that debate on social media, which is the public square, then these big tech companies are censoring and preventing public debate from occurring. If I can go down to the floor of the House of Representatives and speak at the well of the House of Representatives and say something, I should be able to say that (same thing) on an online platform, as well.”

Banks also talked about his 2021 trip to the U.S. border with Mexico, which he says is starkly different under President Joe Biden.

“When Biden became president, he immediately stopped construction of the wall and he reversed the very effective Trump policy of ‘remain in Mexico’ which was a deterrent.”

Banks says it’s more than people crossing illegally; it’s also a vast amount of illegal drugs. “Our border patrol agents are telling us members of Congress that they don’t have the capacity to do anything about it because all of their resources are being pushed in other places by the Biden administration.

“Every sheriff or judge I talked to in the 12 counties of the Third District tell me that this (drug situation) is the worst that they’ve ever seen and it keeps getting worse.”