FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Shine and Hardin is upgrading the fountain at the Broadway Plaza to be similar to the “dramatics that are at a Las Vegas hotel.”

The renovations will not change the outside structure, only the mechanics inside. Crews will be replacing the pumps to increase the water pressure as well as adding more LED lights.

According to owner Steve Shine, this is an exciting reinvestment for the plaza since the fountain has not had an major improvements since its construction in 1999.

“It will allow us to change the colors on the spray to match any type of community celebration. For instance pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, green for Saint Patrick’s Day [and] oranges for Thanksgiving,” Shine said. “It’s going to be something, as I’d call it, akin to the dramatics that are at a Las Vegas hotel.”

Crews are hoping work to be done in the next two weeks.