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“I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” said Lifehouse Church volunteer Patsy Hendricks.

The Huntertown resident is a church leader, retired nurse and finalist in WANE 15’s Remarkable Women contest. She was nominated by her best friend Deb Podgorny. “Patsy and her husband have not only taught but also led their family in the values of serving their community church and in the mission field,” said Podgorny reading the nomination letter.

“I was just amazed. I was in cold shock,” laughed Hendricks. ” I said to the guy on the phone, what!?” The guy on the phone was WANE 15 General Manager Tom Antisdel telling Hendricks Podgorny nominated her.

“I just wanted for her to be recognized,” said Podgorny. “I really do think she is a remarkable woman.” “She is such a good friend, such a dear friend,” said Hendricks.

Nominees were judged by a committee at WANE 15 on their community service, self-achievement and family impact. Hendricks believes Lifehouse Church connects them all. “This church is a community focused church and that’s why I love this church,” said Hendricks. “I’ve been here for almost 40 years.”

Over that 40 years, Hendricks was a psychiatric nurse at Parkview Behavorial Health, retiring nine years ago as its nursing director. She found time to tutor at Fort Wayne Community Schools and helped lead Lifehouse Church’s youth and safety programs. As if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she also helped launch Lifehouse’s free community wide clinic.

“Patsy was instrumental in starting the free clinic at Lighthouse Church on one of our campuses with its opening in October 2019,” said Podgorny.

“The people who volunteer at the clinic are truly volunteers. No one gets paid here,” said Hendricks. “We have no money that comes from the government. We don’t bill insurances. What we offer is medical care for people who are at poverty level and we also help people who have high deductible insurance or no insurance at all.”

The Lifehouse Church Free Clinic operates as a walk-in clinic. Anyone is welcome. Initially it was only open twice a month on Thursdays. Now the clinic is open on Mondays from 4 to 7 p.m. It’s located at 2100 Kentucky Avenue in Fort Wayne.

Hendricks’s work at Lifehouse reaches beyond the church. Once a week she visits senior citizens who are shut in and at least once a year, she leads a mission team to Jamaica. This year she’s going twice.

“We have a mission team called EDGE, Every Day God Encounters, that’s what EDGE stands for,” said Hendricks. “We go to this little town in Whitehouse, Jamaica, which is very poor. We have built relationships with the people there. We go there and help them by providing food. We help them with medical care. This year will be my eighth trip to Jamaica.”

But long before mission work in Jamaica, Hendricks and her husband formed the Critical Care and Stress Management team to help first responders in the Fort Wayne area.

“My husband and I founded that in 1989 and that is for emergency responders who have to deal with trauma following a traumatic event. We help them cope with their emotions.”

Patsy Hendricks, wife, mother, grandmother, retired nurse, missionary, friend and one of four local finalists for WANE 15’s Remarkable Women contest. Fort Wayne Toyota is proud to join WANE 15 in recognizing Remarkable Women.

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