After three months of rehabilitation with Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehab, a bald eagle has been released back into the wild. 

On Thursday, the raptor was set free by volunteers at Eagle Marsh. When Soarin’ Hawk first found the bird, it wasn’t able to fly.

Volunteer Pam Whitacre and her husband got a rescue call about a bald eagle down on Yohne Road near Fox Island. When they found it, they thought it was dead.

But, the Whitacres were able to use special gloves to recover the bald eagle. The bird was too large for a carrier, so Pam held the bird in her lab.

A veterinarian examined the bird and discovered it had a broken humerus, a large bone in the wing. It was a clean break allowing the vet to put a pin in the wing. 

After three weeks of rest, the bald eagle went through sessions and evaluations with volunteers until it was able to fly. 

The organization rescued 217 raptors in 2017 alone. 

Soarin’ Hawk asks people to follow the below steps in case they come across an injured bird.

  • Don’t pick up the bird
  • Cover it with a blanket, sheet or box
  • Call Soarin’ Hawk at 260-241-0134

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