FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – At the Allen County Courthouse, many gathered to rally for reproductive rights. For weeks people have been rallying to have their voices heard. Both Pro-choice supporters and Pro-life supporters.

The potential reverse of Roe v. Wade leaves people scared and hopeful. Pro-life and Pro-choice expressed how they felt about the opposing viewpoints.

“We want everyone to be able to have peaceful conversations, with each other,” Jessica Bunch said, regional field director of Planned Parenthood of Indiana.”These are very important core issues to everyone and we know the best way to have a conversation with a person is to be rational and have a peaceful conversation with them,” Bunch said.

“Freedom of speech is very important, and so that is why I support that, but that gives us the right to be here too,” Claire Meyer, Director for advocates for justice Fort Wayne said. “But I still ultimately think that the truth we have truth on our side and we know that it is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being, that’s what it does,” said Meyer.

The turnout was more than expected Saturday afternoon.

Organizers of the rally explained how different this rally has been from the ones in the past few weeks. They say this one takes more action. ‘Action booths’ were set up around the Allen County Courthouse lawn for those who wished to support abortion rights.

According to the ACLU, 78% of Hoosiers do not want a ban on abortion.

As for both sides, they will continue to have their voices heard no matter what will happen next.

“We will voice our opinion until the county thinks abortion is wrong,” said Meyers. “Not only until abortion is illegal, but until abortion is unthinkable,” Meyers said.

“Seeing this many people turn out, again and again, year after year just solidifies my values,” said Bunch. “It is so heartwarming and empowering and powerful to see this many people, wanting to take action, for these important human rights,” Bunch said.