EDGERTON, Ohio (WANE) — The village of Edgerton sustained a widespread power outage overnight.

Edgerton Mayor Robert Day said lightning struck a high voltage line at the C.R. 5 substation, just north of the railroad tracks on the east side of the village. After that, a train contacted the line and drug it, Day said.

In Facebook posts, Day said village officials were “evaluating the power outage situation,” but added: “We have quite a mess at CR 5 and the railroad crossing east edge of Edgerton.”

Day said the village has asked for aid to fix the issues. He said he anticipated, though, that it would “be a while” before it is fixed.

Day said the Town Hall was open for any residents in need of a place to seek shelter.

Video shared with WANE 15 showed the damage:

By midday Tuesday, much of the town was running again on the city’s backup generators.

Its OMEGA JV2 generator system is provided by AMP Public Power Partners, a company that allows communities to provide municipal electricity.

Village administrator Dawn Fitzcharles said she was proud that the village could provide power in a time of need.

We are incredibly proud to own our own municipal electric system since 1903.

Dawn Fitzcharles
Edgerton’s backup generators

Fitzcharles also said their quick turnaround was due in large part to their team that works with their generator system.

“A large piece of this is team that we have in place. We have great employees, they work hard,” she said.

She acknowledged that they “aren’t out of the woods yet,” needing the power lines to be repaired for long term and full capacity electricity usage. In addition, as of Tuesday night, some residents west and east of the village borders are still without electricity.