Puppy seen on video being stolen is back home

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UPDATE: The dog was returned home Monday evening

Not caring that cameras were watching or that a beware of owner sign sat on the front window, a stranger was caught stealing a young pup from his southeast side home. 

“His name is Pac. He’s a blue pitbull. I’ve had him for say four months,” said Jessica Butler. 

Butler said she arrived at her home on Standish Drive Sunday around 2:30 p.m. and she and her boyfriend could not find Pac. That’s when they started reviewing surveillance footage from the eight cameras they have outside the home. 

It was around 1 p.m. when the footage shows someone pulling up in a car. That person is there for about 20 minutes talking to and petting the dog. At some point they take off the dog’s collar – throw him inside the car and drive off. 

“My dogs are my kids,” Butler said. “I have another puppy inside that I just got for him to have a friend and I’m just kind of like, I don’t know how to feel about it. It breaks my heart because that’s my kid.”

Jessica told WANE 15 she called police and they tracked down the person’s address using the license plate. The address took them several houses down. Jessica said when she and the cop went to the house, the homeowner did not allow them to search and that’s all the officer could do without permission or a warrant. 

“So, I’m not too sure if this is just going to be open- close, there’s nothing they can do for me. Or if I have to find my dog like this. That’s my plan. I’m not going to stop until I find him,” Butler said. 

Jessica said she doesn’t care to press charges and is even offering a $500 reward. All she wants is her pup returned. 

“It’s like my kid. I could care less who did it, why you did it, what your reasonings were for it, whatever the case may be. I just want my dog back.”

Pac is microchipped and registered. 

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