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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Summer is here and drivers are taking to the roads to enjoy the warm weather. With this increased use of cars comes the likelihood that a problem could arise.

Travis Strock, manager at McMahon’s Best-One Tire & Auto-Care, says that the best thing to do is keep up on standard maintenance services such as tire rotations and oil changes to help prevent problems.

When the tires are off of a vehicle during a tire rotation service, the technicians will have a good view of the breaks, steering components and front-end mechanics, Strock said. The oil change allows the technician to check the belts and hoses.

Another thing to be aware of is the mileage on the engine which calls for different services depending on the vehicle.

“So as far as fluid exchanges, brake fluid, transmission fluid – those are services you want to keep up on earlier in the life of the vehicle which helps long-term maintenance,” Strock said.

Strock said the things to have checked out in your vehicle include:

  • Safety issues such as brakes and steering components
  • Tire alinement because incorrect alinement causes irregular tire wear
  • Alert lights which signal when there is an issue or maintenance is needed

“Whether you just purchased it or it even if it’s before the purchase, bringing it in for a once over inspection is a very good idea. With that we can do a very thorough diagnosis on it for you,” Strock said.

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