FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The Fort Wayne Community Schools district has had two reports of a gun brought to school within the last week.

In both of these cases, parents were alerted about the incidents and no one was injured.

A gun that was brought to school by a student was found on the playground of Haley Elementary School on Wednesday.

Last week, a gun was confiscated from a student at Wayne High School.

WANE15 spoke with Michael McAlexander of the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office.

He said he can’t get into detail about these cases because they have not been submitted to their office, but he did give insight about these types of cases.

McAlexander said under Indiana law, you can not take handguns onto school property.

He said it depends on the child’s age when it comes to prosecuting and charging in these cases.

He adds there are factors on whether or not the parents or caregivers would also face charges.

“Depending on the age of a child and the history. I believe there’s a Michigan case where the parents were charged with not properly supervising their child. I think you have to look at the circumstances of each case. If there is a really young child with a gun, how did they get the gun? And that would be examined and that would be considered under Indiana law, a neglect of their child or a reckless act that would be criminally prosecuted,” McAlexander said.

Both of these cases are still under investigation.