FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Both Illinois and Michigan began selling recreational marijuana within the past month. A pro-marijuana organization in Indiana says the Hoosier State hasn’t even started that conversation. Indiana National Organization for the reform of Marijuana Laws (Indiana NORML) is hoping to change that.

Indiana NORML has been around for years, becoming a nonprofit in the 1970s. Its mission is “re-legalize cannabis by educating the public and elected officials about the benefits of cannabis and the negative effects of prohibition.”

Indiana NORML Chairman William Henry says the organization increased its activity across the state over the last few months. It’s starting a complex call-to-action campaign.

The goal is to bring the fight for cannabis reform to the local level. Henry says local constituents are encouraged to host meetings, visit civic organizations, veteran’s organizations.

Henry added the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan and Illinois will show legislatures life continues with legalization. He says no movement has been made to legalize marijuana, except in the hemp sector.

Henry is calling on Hoosiers to show support for legalization.

“Folks are apprehensive about speaking out about the subject, because it is an illegal subject. Folks think they’re going to be targeted because of that. And we need folks to understand that, we need brave Hoosiers to stand up shoulder to shoulder with each other on this issue to show the public that this is something that we need done now in the state of Indiana,” says Henry.

Indiana NORML and other pro-marijuana organizations are hosting a rally in Indianapolis. Click here to learn more about the event.

“Part of the reason INORML is putting so much effort into legalization is because over 3,000 Hoosiers have come forward from over 70 counties to step up at the grassroots level to help put on events and start county groups to support cannabis reform in Indiana since the 13 of October 2019. This massive outpouring has caught the attention of some of the federal candidates, which lead to Indiana having it’s first Congressional Cannabis Debate with 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats plus several others looking at their calendars to see if they can attend in Congressional House District 5,” says Jason Straw, Vice Chair of Indiana NORML.

To learn more about Indiana NORML, click here.