FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 2209 hosts a solidarity rally once a month. It’s all to support fellow workers.

“We do it the third Thursday of every month, it’s just to build solidarity,” said Rich Letourneau, the Bargaining Chairman for the Local 2209. “We serve breakfast for all three shifts.”

But over the food and fun that Union members were sharing hung an unmistakable tension.

“The energy, it is kind of a little bit of everything, you have some positivity and you have some negativity because it’s unsure,” said Trady Morgan, who has worked on production lines for more than 20 years, and currently works at the Fort Wayne GM assembly.

The uncertainty comes from a decision that will be made on Friday morning whether or not the Fort Wayne GM plant will strike.

“Tomorrow at 10 a.m. they are going to make another announcement to see what plants are going to out,” Letourneau said. “There [are] going to be three more plants going out.. we don’t know what those plants are it could be us it may not be.”

UAW President Shawn Fain is expected to make the announcement if a deal isn’t struck by Friday morning. You can watch it by clicking here.

Striking isn’t new for the UAW, but their striking strategy this time around is.

Instead of strikes that sweep across the nation, the UAW is targeting specific plants in the supply line, leaving workers guessing whether or not they’ll be on the line come Friday morning.

“It’s both positive and negative. A lot of the younger workers don’t understand why we’re not striking and a lot of the older workers, such as myself, we don’t want to strike,” Morgan said. “If we are called to stand up and strike, we will stand up and strike.”

Ultimately workers want better conditions, and a better deal to continue working, and their hopes rest in the hands of President Fain.

“We are just hoping and praying that President Fain is leading us in the right direction and we are just trying to follow his lead,” Morgan said.