FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Fort Wayne PrayerWorks room surpassed 100 days of being open to the public Monday, and its Advisory Team weighed in on what’s to come.

The PrayerWorks room is overseen by Love Fort Wayne, a citywide movement to imagine, inspire and ignite transformation through God’s love. Geoff King, CEO of Love Fort Wayne, said it’s been a great first 100 days since the opening of the PrayerWorks Room.

“So many positive and powerful things have happened, not just unity among churches, businesses and organizations, but then the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus, seeing people come in from different parts of the city, different walks of life, different denominations. It’s just been a cool opportunity to see it happen in Fort Wayne via the PrayerWorks Room,” King said.

King said he’s watched denominational lines be torn down and generational unity happen right before his eyes. He also said there has been an outpouring of those in need.

“You’ve had people that have been emotionally troubled, mentally troubled, their looking for someone or someone’s to pray with them or just talk with them, or their looking for a quiet place where they can belong and enter in with God,” King said. “That is probably the most powerful thing we’ve seen here when people come in with a need, with a hurt, with an affliction, they’ve received redemption and freedom not by our own power or our own strength, but because the Holy Spirit’s power and the movement that’s happening when people surround them in prayer and faith.”

PrayerWorks consists of four prayer stations with curtains for those who would like a more quiet space, a central seating area with a cross at the center and visible maps of the world, and an upper room that has a secluded place and resembles an extended prayer closet. There is also guided worship twice a day with musicians.

With the room being available 24/7, King said they have not had a huge issue with homelessness. He said they work to accommodate those who have a need, but are aware that the facility is not a homeless shelter.

“What we’re asking ourselves is, ‘How can we integrate with grace? When the elements are bad, when people have a shelter need?’ We want to be able to invite them in to pray for them and then take those steps with people in our community to say, ‘oh, who can we connect them with? And who can we partner with if those situations do arise,'” King said.

King mentioned that there are conversations happening to see what it would look like to expand beyond Fort Wayne to offer more PrayerWorks rooms across the country. Love Fort Wayne partners closely with 24-7 prayer.

If you are unable to attend PrayerWorks, there’s a virtual option to submit your online prayer-request form here. PrayerWorks is located inside of Electric Works.