FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — After last weekend’s blizzard, slick roads have led to fender benders and ensuing body damage to cars.

While the increase may be hard to track, body shop owners have definitely felt an increase in demand.

“There will be more people coming and calling, and the phone’s been ringing,” said Greg Simon, the general manager of Alex Simon Body in Waynedale.

He had a number of calls over the weekend, and right now the lot at his shop is full of cars that need repairs.

Simon says that a common thread between the accidents isn’t just the snow, but the tires on the vehicles.

“People do not check their tires for tread, and they run them way past their usefulness,” Simon said. “That’s the number one thing I see.”

But even with the uptick in needed repairs, Simon says that it’s way less compared to years ago, but the wait on the customer’s end may not feel very different.

Simon says that’s because there is a lack of technicians in the field right now, and he’s worried. According to him the workforce of body repair technicians is only getting older.

“We’re all dying for more technicians,” Simons said. “Not many young people are getting into it as the old guys retire.”