The polls in much of Indiana have closed and now the counting begins on a day that saw heavy voter turnout.  

Early Tuesday WANE 15 received viewer reports of long lines at some polling stations, leading some people to leave before voting. Viewers reported around 100 people in line at Emmanuel Community Church. Other delays at the polling site at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control were also reported.

Beth Dlug, Director of Elections in Allen County confirmed some details. She saud that Emmanuel Community Church was having issues with their poll pads not printing tickets. Poll workers were having to write them out manually which was slowing the check-in process. Replacement poll pads arrived around 8:45 a.m.

Regarding delays at Animal Care and Control, Dlug said “Animal Care and Control had difficulty getting their voting machines working this morning.  Nothing wrong with the machines, just operator error.”

A technician was sent to that location and voters were being processed sometime before 8:30 a.m.

As for the time it took to wait in line, Allen County Election Board Member Tom Hardin said long lines are to be expected this year. 

Hardin said, “We’ve had some locations experiencing 30 to 45 minute waits in those locations, it’s just heavy turn out and we are processing voters as fast as we can. We’ve actually dispacted a couple of extra voting machines to a couple locations but pretty consistent with the heavy turn out, that sort of wait that sometimes voters do experience.”