WARSAW, Ind. (WANE) – The Warsaw Police Department has tips for drivers to lower the chances of theft after a string of recent incidents around Kosciusko County have prompted an investigation.

Police said the initial investigation revealed multiple suspects have been stealing from cars- and taking the cars themselves- throughout the county, and specifically in Warsaw.

The recent “crime spree,” as Warsaw police called it, has been taking place between late evening and early morning hours, mainly affecting areas west of downtown Warsaw and areas along Parker Street.

Police have determined the suspects are targeting residential areas including apartment complexes. Police said a vehicle was stolen from Kuder Estates and several vehicles were ransacked in the apartment’s parking lot. 

Amid the investigation, Warsaw police are reminding residents some ways to prevent auto thefts as effectively as possible:

  • Remember to lock the doors of your homes and vehicles.  While this won’t stop all thefts, it is still a deterrent in many opportunities where crime can happen, police noted. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you see vehicles or foot traffic in your neighborhood that seems uncommon, please contact police so it can be investigated. 
  • Check your surveillance cameras if you have any, specifically looking for activity from Sunday night into Monday morning. Any video may be beneficial as police continue to investigate these crimes. Even if your residence was not involved, your camera may have picked something up. Please contact Warsaw Police at (574) 372-9515 so they can get a copy of the surveillance.