Police, state vet investigate LaGrange County horse owner again

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There are concerns that horses are being abused again at a LaGrange County farm. The property is located at 3455 N. S.R. 9 in Howe. It is the second time the property’s owner, Larry Myer, has been investigated in the last several months. Authorities said he will not face charges. .

On Monday afternoon, LaGrange County Sheriff’s deputies and an Indiana State veterinarian went to the  property after receiving a complaint of possible animal neglect. At least three horses were evaluated.

Pictures of the animals were posted to Facebook by Tammy Barnhill and shared more than 9,000 times

Myer said he buys horses and cattle in poor condition in an effort to rehabilitate them. He told Newschannel 15 that he is frustrated by the “false reports” of animal abuse and neglect. 

Dr. Sandi Norman, a Veterinarian with the State Board of Animal Health, said they use a body scoring system to rate the condition of the animals.  

“We will also evaluate the circumstances the horse is under,” said Norman. “Do they have food? Do they have water?”

Despite accusations that the animals were being starved and neglected, investigators found that the animals had food, water and were up to date on vaccinations. Myer reportedly provided receipts that indicated he bought the animals at an auction a week earlier.

A similar investigation was conducted on a different group of horses last September. In that case no criminal charges were filed.

“He is allowed to purchase those animals and rehab them if he would like to,” said Norman. “It didn’t get into that condition when he bought it. It got into that condition before he bought it.”

Norman said it could take weeks or months to rehab them. 

“There’s horses that can take weeks or months and that just depends on the horses condition and the difficulties of rehabbing,” she said.

Myer told Newschannel 15 that one of the horses he recently purchased died. The others are on the mend.

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