Police in Noble County are investigating after a woman reported finding a blade in a candy bar that she said her child received during a trick-or-treating event at Chain O’ Lakes State Park on Saturday.

In a Facebook post Sunday night, Kassandra Ringler said she found a sharp blade inside of a Milky Way chocolate bar. In the post, Ringler said the candy was collected while trick-or-treat at Chain O’ Lakes.

Chain O’ Lakes held an All Hallows’ Eve celebration Saturday from noon until 10 p.m., with a trick-or-treating activity held from 2:30-4:30 p.m.

Ringler wrote in comments on the post that she found the blade after her daughter noticed the candy’s wrapper was open a little bit. When Ringler fully opened the candy and inspected the candy, she found the blade, Ringler explained.

Two photos shared by Ringler showed a broken Milky Way bar and a blade, which appeared to be a fine point blade for precision cutting. Ringler said there was rust on it.

Ringler’s post was shared nearly 3,000 times by 5 p.m. Monday.

Ringler said she contacted the Noble County Sheriff’s Department and reported the finding.

Chief Deputy Brian Walker told WANE 15 on Monday that the department received a report around 11 p.m. Sunday in which the caller said her child was given a candy bar with a small knife blade in it at Chain O’ Lakes.

Walker said the department was investigating the report and conducting follow-up interviews. Police have no suspects at this time, he said.

It’s not clear how many people were handing out candy at the event and if police have their names.

On Monday, the sheriff’s office posted about the incident on its Facebook page. The sheriff’s office wrote in the 3-sentence post: “As always, check candy before allowing your children to eat it when it comes from strangers.”