Police determine suspicious package at Coliseum and Hobson was gift box

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The Fort Wayne Police Department’s Hazardous Devices Unit investigated the discovery of a suspicious package at the Marathon gas station located at the corner of Coliseum Boulevard and Hobson Road in Fort Wayne Thursday morning.

WANE 15 received a Report!t notification just after 8 a.m. with photos of police at the scene. Once police arrived on the scene, an officer in a bomb suit was able to determine the package was an empty gift box. They were concerned about the possible contents because what appeared to be a phone charging was wrapped around it.

They will be looking at security camera footage to determine whether someone may have placed it there to create panic or whether the box fell out of a vehicle or a nearby trash can.

Many of you asked why the bomb squad technician wasn’t wearing gloves while touching the package. WANE 15 went to the team for an answer.

“For dexterity purposes, we need to manipulate the equipment that we operate. And any time you wear gloves or anything, it kind of hinders that. Plus in explosives, there’s really not a whole lot of protection anyway. If I was to wear a set of Kevlar gloves, it’s going to basically, with the blast effects and the velocity of the detonation, it’s going to shear my hands off anyway. So, you might as well have your dexterity and still be able to operate the equipment,” says Det. Rich Paige, with the FWPD bomb squad.

Det. Paige reminds everyone, if you see something, say something.

“If someone happens to go home and know they didn’t order a package on Amazon, or anything else, but it’s sitting there, it doesn’t have any return address, it doesn’t have any person it’s supposed to be delivered to, obviously all of those are red flags. If they go out to their car and see something next to their car they didn’t put there, maybe they’re going through a domestic situation, or maybe they had an employee they had get fired, and obviously if all these things are sitting there that normally aren’t there, all of these things are red flags. If it’s suspicious to them, then maybe they need to call us, and we’ll go in and look at it.”

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