Police: Dogs at abandoned home ‘cared for’ despite public outrage

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Dogs that have appeared on the roof of a dilapidated, abandoned home in DeKalb County have drawn concern from the public and several visits from police.

A post shared on Facebook shows large breed dogs on the roof of a run-down home on a property in the 2600 block of County Road 32, north of Auburn. At least four dogs are confined to the second story of house, which reportedly has no windows or electricity, with an open window that offers roof access for the animals, according to the post.

The post said law enforcement contacted the owners and said they would perform a wellbeing check on the dogs, but when officers arrived, the owners had placed bowls of water and food.

NewsChannel 15 reached out to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department for information about the property and the dogs. Chief Deputy Nicholas Grate said in an email that the department had received several complaints about the dogs at the property, and officers visited the property four times over the last week.

Everything appeared in order, he said.

“Officers have found no violations of state statutes or county ordinances in regards to the condition of the animals,” said Grate in the email. “The animals are being cared for and do have sufficient food and water being provided.”

The property where the dogs are was considered to be “in accordance with the state statue regarding a place or structure that would provide shade for an animal to escape the heat,” Grate added.

Grate said the DeKalb County Humane Shelter also made an assessment of the animals and found them to be in suitable health and not malnourished. 

NewsChannel 15 reached out to the DeKalb Humane Society, which said it had received reports of the dogs and their living situation. Shelter officials said, though, that the matter falls under animal abuse and neglect and it was considered a police matter.

It’s not clear who owns the dogs. NewsChannel 15 was not able to reach the owners of the property.

Grate said the sheriff’s department would continue to monitor the condition of the animals as reports are made.

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