Plan for apartments in Rudisill building withdrawn

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The plans to renovate a 70-year-old building at the intersection of W. Rudisill Blvd. and South Wayne Ave. have officially been withdrawn.

WANE 15 confirmed through the Department of Planning Services that the petition to rezone the property was withdrawn. A husband and wife team of BnB Investment Properties, Inc. originally requested approval to build apartments in the building.

According to the request, the building was being used for sleeping rooms and offices, owned by First Missionary Church. BnB Investment Properties, Inc. was in the process of purchasing the building from the church.

A representative for the church spoke at a public hearing, telling the Plan Commission that the church could not keep up with maintenance on the building, which was built in 1949. He supported the sale and planned renovations.

According to the Packard Area Planning Alliance, the developer of the project shared a statement.

“After substantial due diligence with our architect, contractors, and the city, we identified additional work/expense/cost that was unknown to us at the time of original offer,” the statement says. “We extended an amended offer, unfortunately we never received a response and thus we withdrew our offer and terminated the purchase agreement. Additionally, we withdrew our petition for rezoning with the City Planning Commission for 3901 South Wayne Street prior to the City Planning Business meeting on Monday November 18th. We felt we owed it to the neighborhoods, you each individually, as well as the city that we could not in good faith move forward with our petition for rezoning as it was based on our written commitments as well as our vision for the building. A new buyer will have the same opportunity to work with the city and neighborhoods to gain support with their and vision for the building. We wish the best to any future purchaser and the church as we realize it needs to be the best fit for all parties involved.”

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