ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – A “bogus” phone scam is circling Allen County again that accuses citizens of missing jury duty, demands payment and threatens jail time.

Allen Superior Court said in a release bogus calls have been reported this week demanding money to cover fines that resulted from skipping out on jury duty. The caller claims to be a police officer, saying a warrant has been issued for the juror’s arrest.

The scam comes from a phone number with a 260 area code. Payment has been demanded through cash, debit cards or gift cards, according to reports. Some calls have reportedly demanded a meeting in person to pay the fine.

The court does not call jurors or demand payments from them. Potential jurors are only ever contacted in writing, the release said, and personal information is never requested.

“These individuals are not calling on the Court’s behalf,” said Judge Frances Gull. “They are dangerous scam artists with only one objective – to defraud decent people trying to right a wrong that they have not committed.”

Anyone with questions about the legitimacy of calls like these, or questions about jury duty service, can contact the Allen Superior Court Jury Management Office at (260) 449-7520 or (260) 449-7022.