People, businesses ditching plastic straws as part of environmental campaign

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) It’s almost just the norm, you go to a restaurant or drive-through and your order comes with a straw. But places like Bravas are going against the standard. “It’s a little frustrating when you go to places that just don’t care about the waste they provide and that usually is the chains and the larger businesses,” Bo Gonzalez said.

They’ve been offering paper straws for awhile but now they’ve joined the Reduce Your Use: Plastic Straws Campaign, an effort with the Allen County Department of Environmental Management. “Plastic straws are not recyclable. They are not biodegradable. They’re just basically around forever,” Jodi Leamon said.

The goal is to get people thinking about every day habits you could change and make a difference, starting with straws. They going to officially launch the campaign on Earth Day but people are running with the idea.

“People are excited about it which is really great,” Leamon said.

“As a business that produces waste and what not, our philosophy is to do the best we can to produce the least amount of waste as possible,” Gonzalez said.

“It’s going to help the environment. I think it’s a great idea,” Dan Bormann said.

Businesses can get involved by getting rid of straws all together or by offering stainless or paper, and a handful already have. “There’s a local company called Aardvark that makes paper straws and they are partnering with us. they are donating a restaurant pack of 600 straw,” Leamon said.

It’s an easy change that could have a big impact, especially on our rivers and wildlife. “Just bring your own straw when you come in and we’ll give you a high five,” Gonzalez said.

Other local businesses taking the pledge include

  • JK O’Donnell’s 
  • Tolon
  • Hop River Brewing Company
  • Clyde Theatre
  • Three Rivers Distilling

Click here for more information on restaurant packs or taking a personal pledge. Restaurants that go straw-less or use paper straws will be recognized. The department of environmental management will be out at events promoting the campaign and giving out straws. This is the first product with this effort and more are to come.

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