FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Family, friends and community members gather Wednesday to honor 6-year-old Rory Adam McBride. Rory died in a house fire at his home in Monroeville. A bright red casket was brought to the church Wednesday where services will be held. A memorial outside the burned home on State Road 101 has a dinosaur toy and balloon.

Pastor Douglas Christian of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church sat down with WANE 15 to share a statement that Jason McBride, Rory’s father, prepared. Pastor Christian is the McBride’s family pastor.

Jason shares that Rory was a joyous boy who always brought infectious enthusiasm. He had smiling eyes and made everyone laugh.

“In a living nightmare that still haunts them the McBride’s lost their precious Rory, along with their home and the things that were woven into the fabric of life on earth. Their grief is beyond measure. Although they want Rory back in their arms they know that he is in the loving arms of his good Shephard, Jesus,” the letter states.

The McBride family purchased the home 10 years go and planned to be there forever.

Pastor Christian baptized Rory and sees the McBride’s in church all the time. He remembers Rory as a rambunctious kid.

“He was a loving kid, he made life interesting during church sometimes. He was very active but very nice and polite,” Pastor Christian says with a chuckle.

The family along with the pastor are thankful to members of the community that are supporting the family in their time of loss.

“In the coming days and months they will continue to need the support as they rebuild their lives and learn to live without Rory,” the letter says.

Pastor Christian and the McBride’s are blown away by the support of family, friends, community members, and strangers that are donating to the family.

I see improvement (in the family) everyday,” Pastor Christian says.

The services are Wednesday and Thursday. Rory’s obituary can be found here.