Parkview Heart Institute announces affiliation with Cleveland Clinic

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FORT WAYNE, Ind (WANE) — Parkview Heart Institute is adding a partner to bring patients better cardiovascular care. The heart hospital announced they will have an affiliation with Cleveland Clinic Heart & Vascular Institute.

“This brings an opportunity to bring a whole new arena patient care, offering best of practice at the very best levels,” says Dr. Roy Robertson, president of Parkview Heart Institute.

Parkview says with this addition they’ll be bringing the nation’s leading cardiovascular care to patients in the region. U.S. News & World Report ranked Cleveland Clinic Heart & Vascular Institute number one for cardiology and heart surgery for the last 25 years.

“Having that collaborative effort gets us into that arena and be a little more collaborative with colleagues that have different experiences and different opportunities. It offers a greater opportunity for our patients on an individual basis,” says Dr. Robertson.

Parkview Heart Institute patients will not directly see Cleveland Clinic doctors. The affiliation allows the institutes to share best practices, new treatment and therapy options, and use each other as resources.

“They might call and say “Hey we have this one component we want help in and your input in.” So, it becomes a lot of conversation. It’s not that we put our name on the institute wall, it’s again that we collaborate and develop a very strong relationship that we love and be certain to use over time,” says Dr. Jeffrey Rich, Chairman for Strategic Operations at Cleveland Clinic Heart & Vascular Institute.

Teams from the Cleveland Clinic will visit Parkview at least once a year to assess the institute, learn how to improve, and learn from each other.

“We’re here not to necessarily turn you into Cleveland Clinic. We’re here to take your successes and expand on them and accelerate change and quality improvement along the way ,” says Dr. Rich.

For more information about the affiliation, click here.

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