WHITLEY COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) — Students and staff at Whitko Community Schools (WCS) are now able to receive care from a Parkview Health provider without leaving school grounds through virtual care clinics, according to Parkview Health.

On Monday, WCS opened four virtual care clinics that use “innovative remote exam technology” to connect patients with a Parkview Health provider.

“This partnership brings the services of a walk-in clinic and primary care office directly into our schools,” said WCS Superintendent Tim Pivarnik.

According to Parkview Health, the virtual care clinics will allow students and staff to be seen for situations that do not require emergency care while reducing time away from class or work.

“By seeing a provider onsite, we’re able to minimize time away from school or work and eliminate potential transportation barriers,” said Maximilian Maile, senior vice president of Digital Health at Parkview Health. “This allows us to serve patients who otherwise may not seek care for illnesses or ongoing wellness needs.”

Although Parkview Health has partnered with other northeast Indiana schools to provide virtual care clinics, its partnership with WCS is the first time the service has been offered to both students and staff.

School nurses will perform medical exams to determine if a virtual clinic is necessary for a student, and parents will be notified beforehand for consent and insurance information, according to Parkview Health.

According to Parkview Health, all virtual care clinic visits are billed to insurance at the same rate as a normal office visit.