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Between anesthesia, hospital lights and the operation itself, surgery can make most people a little nervous. But imagine being a child, in an unfamiliar place, and having to be away from your parent for the procedure.

Parkview Regional Medical Center is changing those fears to fun.

Five-year-old Taylor Williams was minutes away from surgery, but she was all smiles. That’s the goal of the hospital’s “Drive Yourself to Surgery” program.

Right before kids head off to surgery, they get to drive a Ford F-150 power wheel.

This serves as a distraction for kids, so they’re not worried about being put in a gown, or having to be away from their parent.

Taylor had the chance to test drive her ride around the lobby before she went off to have minor dental surgery.

Her mom was still a little uneasy, but it helped seeing Taylor smile.

For me, like I have never done anything without being right there with them. So yeah, just kind of nervous of her going by herself, like I don’t know how she’s going to react, and everything. But she’s kind of happy right now… at least she’s not crying or sad or anything,” says Vivian Glover, Taylor’s mom.

The “Drive Yourself to Surgery” program has been at the hospital for about a year now. Since then, about 55 kids have rode in the F-150 to surgery, including Taylor.

The Parkview staff says the power wheel is open to mostly all pediatric patients heading to surgery.

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